Covid 19 Updates

COVIDSafe Surf Club Community Plan for our Club:

The Plan will relate to the restrictions in the Clubhouse, Kitchen, Showers, Bunkrooms and Communal Areas.

In addition, the Bilinga SLSC COVID App will be utilised as a attendance register for members and persons to check in and check out at the Club to comply with Government contact tracing protocols.

The upcoming season will be totally different to any other season and it will effect our Club in many ways from lifesaving activities, training, nipper activities, patrols and how we access the club.

The following protocols and restrictions are outlined below for your information:

Our club is following the COVIDSafe SLSQ Surf Club Community Guidelines and COVIDSafe Industry Plan (Accomodation).
In addition, we have a SLSQ Club COVID Safety Plan which will address our Lifesaving, Training and Nipper Activities.

The Bilinga SLSC COVID App:
As outlined the App is a Attendance Register with a unique QR Code with a check in and check out feature. The App is secure and has been designed by our Life Member David Bray. All data is stored on your device and is not shared with any other website or Cookies. It is administered at the club and the information is retained for 56 days to comply with Government contact tracing protocols.
The QR code will be displayed in and around the club and you will be required to check in and check out with your phone. The App has the capacity to click on what activity you are participating in at the club – Nipper activities, Patrols, Training or other Club access.

BUNKROOMS – Male and Female:
Both bunkrooms will be remain closed until further notice.
Under the COVID restrictions capacity allowed in the male area is 4 and female area is 2. There is strict hygiene, cleaning and safety requirements for both areas and the club would not be able to maintain that standard under the current restrictions.
As the season progresses and future government advice we will reassess the opening of the bunkrooms which will require a maximum capacity number as stated with other protocols.

Access to both male and female shower areas are restricted and have a maximum capacity of 2 persons at one time. Members will be able to access the amenities from the start of the season. There will be signage in the amenities showing the maximum capacity of 2 persons. Members will be required to BYO towels and toiletries and leave no personal items in the showers. After each shower you will be required to complete a disinfect and surface clean of the shower cubicle area. All shower cleaning products will be supplied by the club and placed in the male and female amenities.

Patrol lunches will NOT be provided this season unless there is a change in the COVID directions from the Government. In season 2020/21 it will be BYO lunch and snacks when patrolling.
There will restricted access to the kitchen area. The maximum capacity in this area is 3. There is no preparation of food for yourself or others. Members can place food items in the fridge if required. BYO cups, plates and cutlery. Paper towels will be provided in the kitchen. Tea, Coffee can be made in the kitchen but you must use your own cup and cutlery.
The kitchen benches/surfaces are to be disinfected and cleaned after every use and practice safe hygiene. All cleaning products will be provided by the club.

TRAINING ROOM (Downstairs)
The downstairs Training Room is a restricted area with the maximum number persons in this area being 6 with physical distancing. The area is only to be used for an approved activity (training, meetings). Under the restrictions we are NOT permitted to remain in the area to socialise or watch TV. After every use the area must be disinfected and cleaned, all cleaning/hygiene products will be provided by the club.

When you are in our clubhouse please comply with the following:
Use the Bilinga SLSC COVID App.
Attend the activity you are involved in and then leave the club.
Follow our Club’s COVIDSafe Plan.
Comply with maximum capacity of persons in each room/or areas.
Consider requirements of vulnerable persons.
Use smart ways to reduce surface contact.
Disinfect/clean surfaces after every use.
Use the cleaning products provided by the Club.
Practice physical distancing, personal hygiene, 4 sqm per person and wear gloves where appropriate.

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