No 1: Skills Maintenance (Proficiency Day) – Sunday 5 September 2021 @ 10.00am

Patrolling Members.

Yes, it is that time again for you to get proficient for Season 2021/22.
Our first Skills Maintenance Day (Proficiency) is on Sunday 5 September 2021 @ 8.30am at the Club.

Prior to the first SM Day please renew your membership for 2021/22 and pay the membership fees which would be appreciated.

Every patrolling member & water safety member – Bronze and SRC must undertake a Skills Maintenance Session to patrol/water safety for the upcoming season. The other dates for SM – 10/10, 6/11 (this date will be changed), 5/12 and 12/12 all at 8.30am.

Our patrolling members will be required to access the members area (eLearning) and complete the online Skills Maintenance 2021/22 Theory and the Skills Maintenance 2021/22 Radio Operations (RO).

When you have watched the theory video and completed all the questions you will print your Certificate of Completion to be bought with you at your SM day to be given to the CTO.

The PDF “How to locate the Skills Maintenance resources” steps are on the Skills Maintenance page.

Please be punctual and be at the club ready for a start at 10.00am. on the 5th September and 8:30 for the other Proficiency Days.

If you are attending the designated SM days, please email me on

Any inquiries please contact me.

John Hamrey
Chief Training Officer
Bilinga SLSC.
State Grievance Officer​
Mobile: 0407737929