Season 2020/21 is completely different to how we previously went about doing our Skills Maintenance with completing questions online, printing out a certificate and attending the club to do your run-swim-run.

In June 2020, SLSA has introduced a new Bronze Medallion (Certificate II PUA20119) Course and introduced units of competency into the Surf Rescue Certificate these changes in both awards mean that you need to be aware of those changes as part of your Skills Maintenance this season.  All the relevant key changes are outlined in the 2020/2021 Skills Maintenance Bulletin found on the club Skills Maintenance page.

How do I prepare for my Skills Maintenance Day ?

Before you start you must  renew your membership for Season 2020/21 and pay your membership fees. The process is outlined in the document Members Area (General).

To complete your Skills Maintenance On Line Theory please refer to the How to do Guide – Locating Skills Maintenance On Line Theory (for members).

  1. The Skills Maintenance On line Theory has been reviewed and it requires you now to complete each module in your Course Bundle, there are 7 tabs and the Theory Questions (there are 9 questions for the Bronze Medallion holders and 3 questions for the SRC holders).  You must complete the 7 tabs before you complete the theory questions as it will NOT allow you to print the Certificate of Completion.
  2. To complete the Course Bundle it will take you about 45 minutes and is self paced and you can resume anytime as you progress through the 7 tabs.
    Please note there are separate Course Bundles for Bronze and SRC Holders and you only complete the On Line Theory relevant to your award.
  3. When you have completed the theory questions and printed the Certificate of Completion you need to bring the certificate with you to the Skills Maintenance Day.  Please note – If you have not completed the On Line Theory you will not be able to do your Skills Maintenance.
  4.  There are new and reviewed Signals this season which are included in the attached 2020/21 Skills Maintenance Bulletin.  Please refer to the poster at the end of Bulletin and familarise yourself with the changes.
  5.  It is requested that you advise the Club your prefer Proficiency Day you will be attending as this will assist us with the COVID area and number restrictions within the Club.
  6.  The Proficiency Days are as follows:

Saturday 12 September 2020 @ 8.30am.

Sunday 11 October 2020@ 8.30am.

Sunday 8 November 2020 @ 8.30am.

Saturday 5 December 2020 @ 8.30am.

It will be a challenge for you our patrolling members to get back onto the beach and be ready to patrol for Season 2020/21. The new resources that have been introduced by SLSA will equip you with the latest and updated skills and knowledge as a Lifesavers and making Bilinga Beach a safe environment for our community.

If you have any inquiries regarding the Skills Maintenance please contact me.