Date Claimer Sunday 24 September 2017

I wish advise the first proficiency day for Bilinga will be on Sunday 24 September 2017 at 9.00am.

Our objective this season is have a majority of our patrolling members attend the first day – 24/9/17. It was identified last season that we a had low attendance on the nominated days and such we would like to have a solid impact on our patrolling members and attain a early proficiency. The PDB have granted all Clubs in the Branch 5 nominated days this season which is normally 4. The PDB have stipulated that there will be no further special days after our nominated days. In essence, you MUST be proficient by the 31/12/17.

After all, a September proficiency has better conditions on the water and we have not had a winter with water temp at 21 degrees at present. So please let us make the effort and attempt to get proficient early in the season. Remember to complete the online assessment PRIOR to the day and bring the receipt with you.